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Consular Advisory on Fake Calls

Consular Advisory on Fake Calls

Recently, an incident has come to notice wherein an unknown fraudster called an Indian national living in Istanbul, pretending to be an official from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Immigration Office. The fraudster used the ruse that there were certain issues/problems with the individual’s residence permit and asked for a sum of money to avoid any impending action.

The fraudster was apparently able to spoof certain telephone numbers to make it appear legitimate and also had access to a few personal particulars, as mentioned in the passport.

The Embassy of India, Ankara would like to advise all Indian citizens to ignore such fake calls, as the intention is to dupe gullible foreigners.  It is easy to establish a fraudulent call by calling back on the supposed number.  Chances are that neither the caller nor the number would be in existence.

If an Indian national receives such a call, he/she is requested to immediately inform the police authorities and the Embassy with all the relevant details.